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logo ecole fataiji 300Famedia and Fataiji is a Traditionnal Taiji Quan and Qi Gong school.

The FA TAIJI group is composed in 2015 about 60 teachers divided in Midi Pyrenees regions, Aquitaine, Centre, Provence Alps Côte d'Azur, Nord Pas de Calais, Htes Alps, Switzerland, Belgium ... or about 1500 practitioners Taiji Quan and 500 Qi Gong practitioners.

Chinese FA, relates firstly to France, the country of FA (Guo Fa), and means "LAW" in the Natural and Cultural senses with the underlying idea of Order.

The school or FA TAIJI group was created by Jean-Jacques Galinier, a disciple of Master Ding Dahong 5th generation of the Yang Style Taiji Quan and 11th generation of Chen style Taiji Quan. Western only direct heir of this great master, he was elevated to the rank of "Master renamed" Ming Shi 名师 by the Chinese state in 2006.

We teach traditional Taiji Quan (Chuan tong 传统), transmitted from generation to generation, and Qi Gong.